How To Find Success When Joining a Gym

  • Location and Hours   If you choose a gym on the other side of town, will you really make it there consistently to work out? Often, a gym located somewhere between your home and office (or school) is best.  We are just around the corner from the Houston Junior League and St. Regis Hotel!  We offer plenty of LIGHTED parking!


  • Members and Staff    You should feel relaxed in your exercise environment, not embarrassed or intimidated. Will you be comfortable exercising around the current members?  On your tour, does the gym seem overly crowded?  The staff are there to help you make the most of your workouts.  Our trainers are well-qualified to help you meet your goals!


  • Cleanliness and Equipment    This may or may not be obvious on your first trip to the gym, so keep your eyes peeled. Make sure that towels are available to wipe off the equipment after each use. Also, look to see if staff members enforce this standard of hygiene. Peek into the locker rooms and showers, especially if you’ll be using these often. Look at the toilets, sinks, and showers themselves to see that they’re properly maintained. Be cautious of out-of-order machines; this might be indicative of a poorly maintained gym. QLF motto: Cleanliness is next to Gymliness!


  • Classes and Fees    If group classes are the staple of your exercise program, find out if the gym charges extra for classes before you join and ultimately, does a gym fit into your budget? We offer senior, student and family rates!